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The process of translating entails letting the client know in detail, all of the content present in the original text. However, a translating process does not simply involve a word for word translation from the original to a desired language. Each text purveys its own meaning, style and target. A genuine translation takes all of those factors into consideration.


Work Method: 

In addition to a staff full of productive members, Porthola has a vast database, translators and native speakers in a freelance basis. Also, every assignment is reviewed by a proofreader before delivery. Therefore, good quality is never at stake.


Work Area:

Every translation assignment is sought after in every professional aspect by Porthola. Besides technical, financial, economical and juridical (sworn) documents in the original language, Porthola is able to provide assistance for other much more specific documents as well.

Porthola specializes in translating:





Birth Certificate / Registrations

Wedding Certificate / Registrations 

Death Certificate / Registrations

Diplomas and Certificates

Attestation of Residence

Attestation of Life Certificates

Medical Certificates 



Power of Attorney, etc.




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